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Hi, my name is Henry Stawski. I live with my family in Washington, DC suburbs. I came to the US from Poland. I  am software engineer. On this site you can find information about me, my family and friends as well as about my work and interests. You can also find information about the countries Poland, Sweden, Russia, India, China, Denmark and Israel, where my family and friends live.

About Me, My Family and My Friends

About My Work

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    I am married to my charming and beautiful wife Yolanta. We have two lovely sons: Joseph and Matthew. My mother still lives in Warsaw, Poland. I have one sister Helena Lindskog who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I am lucky to have friends such as Paul, Alice, Jay, Gabryś, Tadeusz, Marysia, Zbyszek, Jacob, Mira.     I graduated from The University of Warsaw as MS in Mathematics. Most of my live I've been working in the software development and engineering. You want to know - see my Resume.Look at my online family photo album and pictures from my vacations, sporting events.


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