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Henry Stawski



A position in the computer field as a Consultant, Software Engineer



 MS. Degree. Graduated 1973, University of Warsaw, Poland
Major: Higher Mathematics and Computer Science.
Program included 5 years of classroom work plus thesis.

Work Experience

2002 to ....Soft Web Services, Maryland, Consultant
Participated in the redesign and implementation multi Web applications for the telecommunication standards document retrieval system into a Web Services oriented integrated system. The effort is done in two steps. First build application wrappers in the form of web services and the second is to replace ASP/VB MTS COM based components with the .NET Framework library.
Technologies used: HTML/Java Script, XML/XSL, SOAP, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, SQL Server.
2000 to 2001Thomson Financial, Maryland, Senior Software Engineer
Participated in the design and implementation Web based Thomson Investment Marketing Suite InvestmentView.net. This Web application was design using UML and included Use Case, Object, Schema and State diagrams. It was build as a multi-tiered system running on MS Windows 2000 Server. All the data passed between the tiers has been defined in the form of XML documents, this includes database retrieved data, session data (stored in the database) and error messages. Web pages and reporting are dynamically created from database retrieved data, XML and XSL templates. Transformation takes place as COM+ service in the DOM using MSXML parser. All the processing (business classes-interfaces) are build in ATL COM+ components written in C++ running under MTS. Data services are build as ADO components using stored procedures for the data retrieval from Oracle 8e. Client site validation was written in JavaScript. InvestmentView.Net.
Technologies used: UML,HTML/Java Script, XML/XSL, ASP, COM+, ADO, C++, Oracle 8e.
2000 to 2000Outreach Technologies, Maryland, SDK Engineer
Lead SDK (Software Development Kit) support development group for the Embrace Conferencing system. The Embrace SDK is a library of COM components and interfaces used to build conferencing system written in C++ running on Windows NT and using SQL Server for repository. Provided presentations, tutorials, guidance and samples for the Outreach Embrace clients. Wrote developers user guide for building Embrace conferencing system.
Technologies used: UML,HTML/Java Script, XML/XSL, ASP, COM+, ADO, C++, Oracle 8e.
1999 to 2000NASDAQ, Rockville, Maryland, Programmer Analyst
Developed Analyst Workstation for the Surveillance Delivery Real-time (SDR), an alert detection and presentation system. The design included Use Case, Class and State diagrams. It was implemented as a on-line real-time, multithreaded, NT COM services control application with the alerts data coming from the Nasdaq Stock Market in the form of MSMQ messages. This application was written in C++. I used MFC and Stingray library for the user interface and ATL COM components to support business level interfaces. Messaging was implemented in MSMQ. Components were running under MTS, and some as a specialized NT services. The additional data was access and saved in SQL Server using stored procedures and ODBC. (SDR).
Technologies used: UML, C++, MFC, Stingray, ATL, COM, MSMQ, MTS and SQL Server.
1995 to 1999Magellan Health Services, Columbia, Maryland, Senior Software Engineer
Lead the analysis, design and implementation of the Magellan Providers Credentialing system. Analysis included capturing user and engineering requirements. OO Design included Object Class and Schema diagrams. Application was build as a multithreaded client-server transactional database retrieval and reporting system written using MFC as a base for the class library and ODBC as a connectivity to the SQL Server databases.
Technologies used: OO analysis and design, C++, MFC, SQL, ODBC and SQL Server.
Participated in the design and implementation of the QUEST integrated clinical information system. OO design included Use Case, Object Class and Schema diagrams. Application was build as a client-server multithreaded information retrieval and reporting system written in C++ with MFC and Crystal reporting and ODBC connectivity to the SQL Server databases.
Technologies used: OO analysis and design, C++, MFC, SQL, ODBC and SQL Server.
1993 to 1995US Senate Computer Center, Washington, DC. Programmer Analyst
Lead the analysis, design and implementation of the Visitor Information Kiosk using Video for Windows SDK, touch screens SDK and Visual C++ / MFC. This application was a first step into the current front page of www.senate.gov. Participated in the OO design and implementation of LEGIS system, using Excelerator II for analysis and design and Visual C++ /MFC and Oracle for the implementation.
1981 to 1993 The Arbitron Company, Laurel, Maryland. (Ceridian Company). Senior App. Developer.
Primary designer and group leader for the development of ScanAmerica CD-ROM micro application, using Object Oriented (OO) methodology, MS Windows SDK and C++. Also I have done designing, coding and implementing the specialized software for Optical Scanning System.
1980 to 1981Weather Guard Corporation, Beltsville, Maryland, Programmer Analyst
Designed and implemented integrated system in FORTRAN on PDP-11. This system stored data on contractual, financial, and production information. It generated production sheets, labels, and produced different kind of reports, for example: A/R, sales commission, and ledger.
1979 to 1980MERA- Design Laboratory, Warsaw, Poland, Project Leader
Acted as the primary designer and group leader for development of an interactive fire department Dispatching and Information Management System. This system recognized the building; the material stored in it, and alerted the nearest fire station with the appropriate equipment needed.
1972 to 1978MERA Institute of Mathematical Machines, Warsaw, Poland, Senior Research Assistant
Performed theoretical analysis and modeling of discrete processes. Taught computer programming and operations. Wrote drivers and test software for specialized hardware controllers.


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